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So, not that long ago, i was in the cinema to watch a new Coppola film that i had been rather excited about. And for good reason. I had done my own little research about the so called "bling ring" and their backstory, and with Emma Watson as part of the cast, wearing nothing but chanel and prada  i was hooked. Yes, maybe i'd thought that it would have been a bit deeper, but it's the perfect upgraded chickflick. Even if you're not a chickflick kinda gal, you should watch it, just for the sneek peak into Paris Hiltons Wardrobe and livingroom (i've never seen so many Louboutins!)

I've listened to When Saints Go Machine since their first album album in 2008, Ten Makes a Face. There is just something quite magical and outta-this-world about the voice of the leadsinger, Nikolaj. They have definately evolved since 2008, and especially this track, is different and with a strong hip hop beat.
(For some reason Vevo/blogger wont let me link to the original video.. so you'll just have to settle with this)

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Since my winter jacket from last year ended up with white paint on the sleeves, after repainting the apartment, it has become a mission for me to find a new, classic and most importantly, warm jacket. These to are the two finalists. Left or right?

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  1. hvor er jakkerne fra?

  2. elsker også coppola-film, men har desværre ikke haft mulighed for at se bling ring endnu.

    Ved godt at det er et tilfældigt ud-af-det-blå spørgsmål, men hvad skrev du srp om i 3.g? sidder lige nu og henter inspiration forskellige steder fra (:


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