torsdag den 22. december 2011

i've had mine, you've had yours


Mine nye (gamle) shorts fra United Colors of Benetton, perlekrave og lp med Crystal Castles, lidt S og lidt genbrug. Glædelig jul <3

My new (old) favorite shorts from United Colors of Benetton, my Advents presents and some stuff from the thriftstore. Merry christmas <3

lørdag den 17. december 2011

second star to the right

richard bernardin for please! magazine

Skin, suspenders and old furnitures, love it all. Have been sick the last 2 days, which means i've held a pity party with SATC and chocolate. Luckily s came to a rescue with Soundvenue and love.

torsdag den 1. december 2011



if I had to buy my own christmas gifts (+ owned a billion). What are your wishes?

thx for the comments on the editorial, ♥ u.

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