mandag den 17. oktober 2011

Your eyes look sore, baby



Falling in love with Givenchy, Daphne Groeneveld and everything from ysl, on a monday evening <3

tirsdag den 11. oktober 2011

And dear, know that I can change


New magazines, new shoes, new music. New baby. Got a new camera a couple of weeks ago, a Canon 60D which i've been playing a bit around with (but not nearly enough). It films, so you'll probably see a lot more videos in the future.. Thank you for following, even though it's been a quiet(!) week.

mandag den 3. oktober 2011

it could be sweet


Hopefully next time I leave COS it will be with this jacket, and maaybe the shirt. I need a new jacket since winter always come early.

I have something new(!) to show u, the reason why it's been a bit quiet lately...

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I just turned 18, and I love to take photographs.