søndag den 31. juli 2011

so beaten down for you


Went shopping with Anna and bought a new pair of sunglasses.
Went searching for locations tuesday - found one, shooting tomorrow (btw. new model, excited!)
Went to a flea market with S, found ysl clutch.
On my way to the beach ♥

fredag den 29. juli 2011

baby i won't be long

Sitting with S' computer wondering if my internet at home will ever work. The new photo's are done, and i'm really just waiting for a good internet connection. Until then, enjoy these beautiful faces.

lørdag den 23. juli 2011

everyone keep off the grass


A new editorial is coming up. Here's a small preview of what awaits. Tomorrow i'm exploring flea markets with S + family, hoping it won't rain.

torsdag den 21. juli 2011



I've been shooting Anna in my new house, swimming at the beach, dining at Sillas' and raving in the rain at Roskilde Festival. Do u have any summer activities worth trying out?

Summer+shoots+swimming+s(c)hampagne+Sillas = ♡

mandag den 11. juli 2011

i'm gonna run run away


My newest inspiration for a shoot that's been a long time coming. Hoping to shoot soon since i'm getting withdrawel symptoms from not photographing. Everything is set except the date. Using my time painting walls white and choosing ceiling light.

tirsdag den 5. juli 2011



der har været stille alt for længe, men ikke længere. Jeg kom hjem fra Roskilde festival i lørdags (pga. sygdom = s u x), er igang med at flytte og fyldt med billedideer. Jeg lover ikke at være stille. kys

things has been happening, i've been busy, and now i'm moving. Really hoping to find help in The Selby.

fredag den 1. juli 2011

182.621099 days


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I just turned 18, and I love to take photographs.