fredag den 18. september 2009



billeder af Mads Teglers

Loving these. Den røde farve midt i gadebilledet, smukt men... humoristisk? Jeg ved ikke hvordan jeg skal beskrive det? Imorgen kommer Anna og Emma, og jeg skal tage billeder, jeg glæder mig. Meget.

Take care(:

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  1. mads teglers is such a great photgraper! i all ready have that first photo, but the second was also super! the combination is love. :)

    your blog is super

  2. hello again..

    i just browsed through your old posts, and saw you (adorable) louboutin boots, and saw you have bought them at ioffer. and i wonder: are they real? is the site safe? it is so cheap, so i got quite suspicious! but i found a lot of nice bags, and my parents found some really, really cheap eames chairs!


  3. Yeah he's great!

    Well i don't think they're real, almost everything on ioffer is fake, but the sellers also says that some of the things are "leftovers" if you can put it like that?:D
    That they have a tiny mistake, and they won't sell them in the real stores.

    -sorry for my bad english, but if you have any questions you are welcome to write me(:

    Thanks for becoming a reader!



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